What FULL OPTION means


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Nov 20, 2019
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It is not news that many adverts for cars/vehicles in Nigeria and beyond get full option attached to it.

Some people get confused on seeing such attached to the details of any car/vehicle but quoted update below has helped with explaining what full option means;

"When you say a car/vehicle is full option, It means it has everything that should be fitted in its range thrown at it. Cars/vehicles come in a range of options, either two or more classes. There is the standard option which is what I like to call entry level for a car/vehicle and may come without a/c, alloy rims, unique paints, simple dashboard, fabric seats, no airbags and so on. A middle-class or basic option could have cd changers, electric windows, fabric seats, a/c, just average comfort.

A full option car, on the other hand, has all the amenities to it as a complete option; alloy or chrome rims, a/c, leather seats, cruise control, airbags, factory pimped lights and custom sound systems, sun and moon roof, keyless entry, voice control, etc. which depend on the car/vehicle manufacturer."