What do the icons next to the vehicle names mean?


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Nov 20, 2019
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Run & DriveWhen the vehicle arrived at Copart’s location, Copart verified that the vehicle started, could be put into gear, and was capable of moving forward under its own power. There is no guarantee, representation, or warranty that the vehicle is in roadworthy condition.
Seller CertifiedSeller certifies that the member purchasing this unit will be completely satisfied with the purchase. If upon inspection and prior to leaving Copart's premises, the member is not satisfied, then the member may decline to complete the purchase transaction.
Enhanced VehicleSeller has authorized that Copart is authorized to perform an enhancement service to the vehicle. This designation does not guarantee that any enhancement service was completed but rather indicates that qualifying vehicles would likely be enhanced.
CrashedToysVehicles listed as CrashedToys are those that are located at CrashedToys specific locations. CrashedToys specializes in the sale of salvaged motorcycles, boats, jet skis and other power sport crafts. These vehicles are accompanied with additional photos and lot notes. Where applicable, videos are also available for these vehicles. Fee structure differs for these vehicles.
Engine Start ProgramAt the time the vehicle arrived at Copart's location, Copart verified that the vehicle started and ran at idle.
Featured VehicleFeatured Vehicles are likely to generate high interest amongst our Members.
Offsite SalesThese lots are located at the designated ‘preview’ and ‘pickup’ location listed for the vehicle. Vehicles are not physically located at a Copart location.
Donated VehicleThe net proceeds from the sale of this vehicle will benefit a charity.
Carb QualificationThis lot may qualify for California Air Resources Board Heavy Duty Diesel Truck and Greenhouse Gas Regulations. View more information here.
Sealed Bid RepossessionRepossessed vehicles are sold at auction by the vehicle finance company to satisfy borrower/lessee's financial obligations.
VIXVehicles are total loss, possible owner-retain vehicles. Most VIX auctions begin with the vehicles off-site. If awarded to the highest bidder, the vehicles are dispatched to the Copart location advertised. For more information about VIX, click here.
Hybrid VehiclesHybrid vehicles are typically regarded as green or environmentally friendly. Fuel sources include Hybrid, Diesel, High MPG Gas, CNG, and Ethanol.

SOURCE: www.copart.com