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  1. Segun

    Here is exactly what you need to know about VINs

    VINs are used in applicable countries to record most things that will happen to a vehicle. Whenever a vehicle is sold, serviced, recalled, involved in an accident(s), etc., they are often put onto its VIN report which could be gotten from carfax, autocheck, etc. Your contribution is also...
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    My name is dayo

    You are most welcomed! !!
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    FG To Commercialise NASENI Automobiles

    Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company has sealed a deal with the federal government to take-up all automobile Research and Development results at the National Agency for Science & Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) and convert them to automobile products for commercialisation. The agreement...
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    What does the immobilizer perform on the vehicle?

    The immobilizer is the antitheft security system for the ignition system. There is the chip built into the key that sends an ID to the immobilizer ECUs/ID code box. It then takes that information and sends it to the engine control computer to authorize the vehicle to start
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    What is Audi's first electric car?

    Audi's first electric car is called e-tron
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    Exsphere Autos Ltd Is Now The Fraudulent God's Help Autos That Was Busted

    God's Help Autos Is A Greedy And Fraudulent Company. Beware of them! !! (Replay) was posted to and was also discussed on...
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    FG To Slash Levy On Imported Cars To 5% From 35%

    The federal government has concluded plans to slash the levy to be paid on imported cars from 35 percent to five percent. This is contained in the draft bill of the 2020 finance bill to be presented to the national assembly. The bill becomes law after it is passed by the legislature and...
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    What could make transmission or gear light to blink in some vehicles

    A possible culprit is a high temperature of transmission fluid and the simple solution could just be changing the fluid. Feel free to add yours! !!
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    Useful tips

    Bad shocks cause serious vibration and bouncing—noise when in gallop is caused by other suspension components like bushings, linkages etc. But physical inspection can lead to the appropriate diagnosis.
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    Buying Used Cars/Vehicles In Nigeria Either Nigeria Or Foreign Used Made Easy

    We Scan, Diagnose, Inspect, Negotiate, Buy And Deliver Vehicles Within And Miles Away From Lagos And Abuja To Your Doorstep Or Anywhere In Nigeria! !! Are you miles away from Lagos and Abuja and looking for a credible and a trusted organisation with tested and proven integrity to help inspect...
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    Here are the two pathways of getting vehicles from the USA

    The pathways to getting vehicles from the US are: Salvaged (Copart and IAAI) and Clean title (Manheim and Adesa).
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    How Uche Omoreige a.k.a gazzuzz masterminded the closing of a thread revealing a fraudulent car dealer

    It is not new that gazzuzz has been busted severally on how he hides threads, posts and comments revealing his true identity to be a fraudster. Aside from that, he hides threads, posts and comments on nairaland autos and cartalk that is filled with scammers and fraudsters in other to protect his...
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    Uche Omoreige a.k.a Gazzuz, a notorious criminal has cloned my legalwealth moniker

    I'm the known Legalwealth on of which I signed up or joined the forum on March 18, 2012. The URL of my profile is (L and not i) But gazzuzz going by name Uche Omoreige who use to clown people's usernames to perpetrate scams and frauds has created...
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    God's Help Autos Is A Greedy And Fraudulent Company. Beware of them! !! (Replay)

    God's Help Autos Is A Greedy And Fraudulent Company. Beware of them! !! was initially on where Gbenga Asaolu paid Uche Omoreige known as gazzuzz who uses his boys, to defend his fraud and scam of underpaying customs duty of...
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    Watch the video of the world fastest car running at 533 km/h

    The SSC Tuatara Shatters The World Record With A 331 MPH (533 KM/H) Speed Run
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    Is a facelift different from an upgrade?

    A facelift requires front bumper and headlights to be changed and at times, fenders and bonnet are needed to be changed in the process. With a facelift, the year of the car remains the same, but it will be different from its counterpart. A facelift is not always cheap as some people think...
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    IbomAir To Commence Flight To The Caribbean And South America

    The Akwa Ibom State Government has indicated readiness to collaborate with the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago in the development of aviation, tourism, agriculture and industrial estate to boost its economy. This was the hallmark of billateral discussions between the Governor Udom Emmanuel of...